Clinical Trials

Celergen's philosophy encapsulates the transformative power of Cell Therapy which aims to awaken dormant cells within the human body, thereby stimulating the growth, activity of existing tissues and the repairing and regeneration of old and malfunctioning cells. In essence, Celergen's superior Swiss Proprietary Cold Extraction Technology provides critical nutrient at a cellular level essential for overall wellbeing. Celergen's unique formulation of bioactive ingredients ensures that the nutrients can be absorbed. The independent clinical studies of Celergen key ingredients, which are conducted using randomized double-blind placebo test with more than 2960 participants of clinical subject, demonstrates proven and outstanding result.

Bio DNA Cellular Marine Complex

Bio DNA Cellular Marine Complex, an extraction from special fish milt, is a water-soluble natural substance of marine origin. The original aqueous process makes it possible to preserve the polymerized structure of the DNA, the essential component of the milt, and to obtain peptide hydrolysate in its proteinic structure.

Nutritional Efficiency

Bio DNA Cellular Marine Complex, have various applications in dietetic for:

  • Treatment in Osteoarthritis
  • Improvement in physical performances
  • Inhibition of oxidation
  • Slackening of cellular ageing

Treatment In Osteoarthritis

Its efficiency on essential arthralgia and chondron stimulating propertiesmake Bio DNA Cellular Marine Complex an effective therapeutic treatment for osteoarthritis.

In an opened study, 2960 volunteers, having osteoarthritis and of 61.1 years of average age, received a combination of BIO DNA Cellular Marine Complex (400 mg per day) and a complex of vitamins B and E for one to two months. The benefit of this treatment appeared after the first month of administration.

Pains were lightened in 89.5% of cases (21% are of total relieved and 68.5% are of partial relieved).

Moreover, physical performances were improved in 83.6% of cases.

Improvement In Physical Performances

In sports management, BIO DNA Cellular Marine Complex could improve physical performances, in particular to raise VO2 max and to reduce recovery time.

Inhibition of Oxidation & Slackening of Cellular Ageing

Due to its hydro-solubility, BIO DNA Cellular Marine Complex protects the cells from extra cellular oxidative aggressions and cellular ageing.

It is powerful to the note that the consumption of BIO DNA Cellular Marine Complex can also fight against stress oxidation and slow down the process of ageing. It also has healing and immune stimulating properties that could be used to stimulate immunity and to accelerate cicatrisation.

Peptide E Collagen

Peptide E Collagen composes of first grade quality collagens and elastin peptides of natural raw materials, in the same ratio as in the dermis. It also combines the two main constituents of the extra-cellular matrix that has an anti-wrinkle synergic action.

It have low molecular mass that makes it soluble in aqueous phase and fully digestible. This makes it ideal for nutricosmetics.

Cosmetic Effects

- Skin Hydration

Peptide E Collagen reinforces skin hydration and is supported by clinical study involving 44 women over 40 years old. The result shows an increase of the entire epidermis hydration by 8% after oral administration of CELERGEN for 3 months.

- Smoothing & Anti-wrinkle effect

A significant decrease of the number of deep wrinkles was observed after 28 days for 71% of the cases. The average deep wrinkles reduction was equal to 10%

Reduction in Swollen Joints in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease in which immune T cells react to type II collagen by damaging synovial membrane in the joint. The membrane slowly becomes thicker, destroying cartilage and other joint structures.

In a clinical trial conducted, hydrolyzed collagen reduced the number of swollen and tender joints in patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis. Hydrolyzed collagen is easily digested and absorbed by the body. This, along with its ability to accumulate in cartilage, makes Peptide E Collagen a promising therapy for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Reduction of Pain and inflammation in Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is the second most common rheumatologic disease condition after osteoarthritis. Peptide E Collagen actively inhibits pain transmission and reduces the discharge of inflammatory factors and neurotransmitters in the joint. Peptide E Collagen also reduces pain by allowing collagen fibers to reform, improving the overall condition of the cartilage.

Hydrolyzed collagen is also easily digested and absorbed by the body. This, along with its abilities as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and cartilage builder, suggests that Peptide E Collagen may be a promising therapy for treating fibromyalgia.

Adding chondroitin sulfate will improve cellular development, while glucosamine will provide cartilage protection and has an additional anti-inflammatory effect.

Hydro MN Peptide

Hydro MN Peptide is a marine cartilage extract. It contains hydrolysed proteins (mainly COLLAGEN II) and polysaccharides (35-40% chondroitin sulfate). It combines three most important components of connective tissues and has proven beneficial to skin and cartilage, especially.

Prevention of Photo Aging

Exposure to the sun�s UV radiation is a key factor that causes premature skin aging, known as photo aging, which leads to wrinkles, skin roughness, loss of skin elasticity, and mottled pigmentation.

Numerous clinical studies have shown how oral marine polysaccharides supplements could be helpful in the dermal thickness, skin wrinkling, skin colour and viscoelasticity with considerable improvement.

Source of Chondroitin, Gulcosamine, & Collagen for Joint Well-being

Aged and over-weight population is increasing in number. More and more people are experiencing joint pain caused by cartilage degenerative disorders that often lead to osteoarthritis.

Researchers with pre-clinical studies suggest that the oral collagen hydrolystate could reach joints and stimulate joint tissues. Numerous clinical trials have provided data supporting the positive effect of hydrolysed collagen on joint health, that it would

  • Reduce pain
  • Significant decrease in dependency on pain medications
  • Improve in leg strength and joint mobility

Effect of Peptide N on Blood Glucose Levels After Meals

Peptide N, one of Celergen�s ingredients is a marine protein hydrolysate proven to reduce the dietary glycemic index or GI. Peptide N has been shown to prevent unhealthy body fat accumulation while alleviating symptoms of type II diabetes.

Glucose that enters the blood from food is used for energy production in the body�s cells, whereas excess glucose is transformed into fat and stored for later use. Over time this constant storage of fat leads to obesity. Second, frequent sharp, prolonged peaks of blood glucose and insulin (from high GI foods) are known to increase risk for insulin resistance and type II diabetes. On the other hand, a gradual release of blood glucose (from low GI foods) does not affect this risk and also delays hunger pangs.

The clinical study found that Peptide N supplementation resulted in a significantly blunted blood glucose response than with fish fillet protein or soy protein isolate. In other clinical studies, Peptide N has been shown to reduce appetite and promote satiety via its actions on metabolic hormones.